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How to choose the best cat scratching post?


What are the characteristics of an ultimate cat scratching post?

How to choose the best cat post of all available on the market?

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 Choosing the right cat scratching post for your feline friend i

s crucial, as cats are likely to spend most of their life near their little house – sleeping, dozing, playing, stretching, relaxing etc.

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How do you find a cat bed that is not only right for you, but most importantly, that your kitty will find appealing?

In order to do that, we need to look at cat towers’ characteristics from a cat’s point of view…


Scratching surface – cats love to scratch and find different surfaces to dig their claws into, which is why to make our cat posts super special, we use pure non-oiled sisal rope that cats get instantly attracted to.

Sturdy base – in the wild, trees are preferred places for scratching, as they provide safe and stable surface, similarly to our extra-heavy base with additional premium rubber feet that make the pedestals solid and stable

Non-carpet cover – in order to help you avoid encouraging your cat to scratch your carpet, we use carefully sourced and selected low pile faux fur fabric, available in natural colours and patterns

Soft cushion – last, but not least, for your cat to find a purrfect spot to relax on top of cosy and warm washable cushion

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