Sisal Post Height (Chunky)

Our Chunky Posts are designed to serve one main purpose. But first, be forewarned: this is not a small post but rather a whooping 19cm diameter heavy, robust and well presented feline dreamer. The main purpose behind it is to give your furry cat more then enough space to stretch, scratch, climb, and play while saving your furniture and drapes.
The sisal posts start from 50cm to 90cm in 10cm increments. For a little extra cost you get to choose the posts desired height. Please be advised that there is a mandatory base size upgrade when choosing post height sizes 80cm or 90cm, which makes it sturdy and ensures not to tip over when in use.
Post Sizes:
50cm, 60cm, 70cm = 41cm X 41cm (square base)
80cm, 90cm = UPGRATED BASE 50cm X 50cm (square base)