Square Base Upholstery

We operate using two fabric range types with the option to mix and match the fabrics and their colours and patterns by choosing them using these drop down choice boxes. If you would like to mix and match the base colour upholstery with a different octagon bed upholstery colour please first choose the octagon bed upholstery colour in the previous drop down box followed by the this drop down box base upholstery colour. If no mix and match colour is required, simply pick the same fabric colours in both options.

Velboa Fabric:

A luxury, tough-wearing, low pile faux fur fabric (also known as pony-skin fabric)with a cuddly, soft, and velvety handle. Every now and then for a general tidy up the fabric can be hoovered or lightly brushed.

Anti-Pill Fleece Fabric:
Extremely versatile has a slight raised medium pile. It is very warm and cosy giving it the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The fleece will not bobble and can be hoovered or lightly brushed as a general tidy up.

Please visit our Product Page to see our range of fabric colours and patterns. Or contact us if you need any further assistance.