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Why do cats scratch?

What is the rationale behind the cat scratching behaviour?

Are cats trying to tell us something when they scrape our furniture and carpets?

Cat scratching is an instinctive behaviour but, believe it or not, our furry little friends scratch for variety of different reasons!

Hygiene –  dragging the claws downwards on any surface is referred to as stropping, it enables cats to loosen and remove the outer husk of the claw revealing a sharp new surface underneath.

Exercise – physical activity helps cats to train and strengthen their muscles of the forelimbs and spine in order to keep them ready for hunting

Communication – scent and sweat glands in between the pads of the feet mix to produce a unique smell, which is deposited on the surface as cats scrape down on it, which provides a message to other cats

Attention-seeking – to grab your attention and encourage you to play!

Is your cat scratching indoors?

Completely normal, as it is your cat’s territory and everyone should know about it!

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