customised, quality, made to order cat furniture!


We are a small, but HUGE-hearted team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

As the owner and creator of Cosy Posts, I love building amazing cat products that make every little feline feel special. In spare time, I like to travel, get to know new places and look for an inspiration for the next incredible cat design. My lovely wife Ewa, who is crazy about photography and modern art, always looks for creative ways of sharing unique features of our products with our Cosy Posts’ fans. Our cat Yaris, the most important member of the Cosy Posts team, is also our QC checker, who will have the first scratch and stretch on any new product. As a natural predator, she likes to snooze the day away, and come out and play when the sun goes down.

Ever since we adopted Yaris, our growing love for cats of all breeds and sizes has been inspiring and motivating us to create a feline-focused buisness. Therefore, with the support of our black and white furry friend, we have been challenging ourselves to design a range of unique and quality houses for cats. Finally, in 2017 with the head full of ideas, we created the first range of hand-crafted and quaity cat accessories! And we could not be more excited to share these ideas with other cat lovers out there!

With cats in mind, we want to offer you an opportunity to personalise a piece of luxury furniture for your lovely kitty.

In other words, let us help you design a unique cat scratching tower customised to both your personal taste and home requirements.

Above all, we want to thank you for wanting to learn more about us and for taking this journey through cats’ dreams with us! We hope you will become a Cosy Posts’ fan!