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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Octagon Bed Size

44cm (Recommended for small cats), 50cm (Recommended for medium to large cats)

Octagon Bed Cushion Colour

Cream, Black, Grey, Brown

Octagon Bed Upholstery (covering)

Black Anti-Pill Fleece, Royal Blue Anti-Pill Fleece, Grey Anti-Pill Fleece, Silver Anti-Pill Fleece, Wine Anti-Pill Fleece, Chocolate Brown Anti-Pill Fleece, Tan Anti-Pill Fleece, Sand Anti-Pill Fleece, White Anti-Pill Fleece, Snow Leopard Anti-Pill Fleece, Leopard Velboa, Tiger Velboa, Zebra Velboa

Square Base Upholstery (covering)

Black Anti-Pill Fleece, Royal Blue Anti-Pill Fleece, Grey Anti-Pill Fleece, Silver Anti-Pill Fleece, Wine Anti-Pill Fleece, Chocolate Brown Anti-Pill Fleece, Tan Anti-Pill Fleece, Sand Anti-Pill Fleece, White Anti-Pill Fleece, Snow Leopard Anti-Pill Fleece, Leopard Velboa, Tiger Velboa, Zebra Velboa

Stained Platform Colour / Type

Natural Plain, Natural circle, Natural Slanted, Golden Oak Plain, Golden Oak Circle, Golden Oak Slanted, Dark Wenge Plain, Dark Wenge Circle, Dark Wenge Slanted

Organic Catnip

Yes – Free Organic Catnip – product sprayed and film sealed, No – Thank You


This Lavish Chill cat tree will definitely bring out your feline’s true nature. We guarantee it will satisfy your cats needs to scratch, climb and play.

Our cat towers are always handmade using a mixture of quality and durable materials. THAT LAST!

A product that stands 116cm (45.7inches) tall. Designed with a combination of elegance and striking appearance, we can proudly say it’s well enjoyed around the world.

For full product breakdown details and its key features please jump into the next section ‘Key Features’.

For additional customer based questions and answers please visit our shops more information ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

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Key Features


Below, you can find all the easy-read breakdown of the product parts and its key feature descriptions to understand why we love what we do and why cats love us for doing it!!!


With the proven understanding that an average cats can cosy up anywhere from 16-20 hours each day, we put this concept into action and build our products around what cats love the most. This is to CUDDLE UP IN HIGH PLACES AND RELAX!

Cushions Key Features:

    • Sherpa Fabric manufactured and cushion handcrafted in the UK.
    • Sherpa fabric has a thick pile with a fluffy feel reminiscent of wool.
    • Beautifully stitched resembling an 8-sided octagon with an inner circular stitch, double padded for additional and extra comfort.
    • Two sizes to chose from – small 44cm (17inches) or medium/large 50cm (20inches).
    • 4 colours (Cream, Black, Grey, Brown).
    • Velcro attached, replaceable and machine washable.
    • Each cushion comes with brand attached Cosy Posts care label for easy washing instructions.


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Please visit our How Our Products Are Made tab to view our workshop in action and a short ‘How To’ cushion application video!



Luxury stained and matte lacquered birch wood platform that underlines its beauty and shows off our recessed inlay sisal rope and antique metal copper-plated brand logo. It acts as a stepping stone or a cat perch/scratcher that leads onto our lavish, one-off cosy bed.

Birch Wood Platform Key Features:

  • Hand-stained and matte lacquer sealed.
  • Characteristically visible wood grain.
  • Plain or angled sisal rope inlay.
  • 3 colours to choose from (natural, golden oak, dark wenge)
  • Wipe clean hard wearing surface.
  • Clean finish with NO visible fixings.

All products stained boards


Our chunky sisal posts are designed to serve one main purpose. But first, be forewarned: the chunky posts are not small posts but rather a whooping 19cm diameter heavy, robust and well-presented feline dreamers. The main purpose behind them is to give your furry cat more than enough space to stretch, scratch, climb, and play while saving your furniture and drapes. This product offers your cat/s to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws at different angles and widths.

Scratching Posts Key Features:

  • 8mm natural, dry spun, non-oiled Brazilian sisal rope that is tightly packed.
  • Sisal rope attached to the bottom of scratching post guaranteed not to unravel.
  • At no extra cost purchase option of catnip infused cosy beds and scratching posts to better attract the cats initial approach (each individual part is film-sealed to secure the scent).
  • Built tough with all metal fixings guaranteed to last for years.
  • 2 x chunky sisal posts – 50cm (20inches) tall, 19cm (7.5inches) in diameter.

Cat Scratching Posts Chunky Regular Sisal Rope


As a brand we decided to make things standard and funky wild at the same time. Our fabrics come in not only plain colours, but also in different wild patterns and types that bring the look and feel closer to the wild our cats derived from.

Velboa Fabric Range Key Features:

    • Luxury super smooth and snugly low pile faux fur fabric.
    • 3 wild patterns to choose from (tiger, leopard, zebra).
    • Can be hoovered or gently brushed.


Anti-Pill Fabric Range Key Features:

      • Extremely versatile, very soft and durable slight raised medium pile fabric.
      • Anti-pill finish, prevents the fabric from bobbling.
      • 10 colours to choose from (black, royal blue, grey, silver, wine, chocolate brown, tan, sand, white, snow leopard).


Cat tower fabric types


      • 5.2cm (2 inches) generously thick and heavy base for better stability.
      • Beautifully presented contour cut at 45 degree angle base.
      • Premium furniture rubber feet secured under base for up-most traction, allowing the post to be placed on any floor.
      • Custom design of products tailored to your specifications.
      • Spare parts and cushions available.
      • All metal fixings for superior rigidity.
      • No visible fixings once product is fully assembled.
      • Safe – no elements that could potentially harm your cat.
      • Easy to assemble with step by step assembly instructions included.
      • Durable – stable, strong and long-lasting.


Catnip Film Wrapped Cat Scratching Post Bed


This Lavish Chill scratching post model is a 6 piece construction with all metal built in fixings.Fully handmade in the UK with high quality materials and expert construction. Designed and accomplished with step by step easy assembly instructions. If in future any spare parts are required, you can order them separately by visiting our Spare Parts tab.

Lavish Chill 1 1

With all these Lavish Chill product elements listed above and their key features. We strongly believe that it does not get any better then Cosy Posts and that ultimately your cat/s are in safe hands.

With our fast shipping and excellent customer service we are always here to discuss and answer any of your queries. Please, Contact Us if there is anything that you wish to get more information about.

Once more, THANK YOU for having a look around in our shop! The aim and hope is to offer you and your furry feline amazing experience with unique, durable, long lasting, quality cat accessories with no strings attached.


Sizing Products

Cushion Application Video

In this video Allow us to share with you the right steps into securing and washing our bespoke octagon cushions. The cushion’s washing instructions come with the care label attached to the interior of each cushion.

  • Prior to washing remove excess fur gently using a soft brush or a lint roller (pet hair remover).
  • Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.
  • Re-shape/plump the cushion whilst damp.
  • Gentle tumble dry separately (no heat), line dry, or flat dry naturally
  • *In order to prolong the longevity of the cat cushions DO NOT over wash or wash excessively. Instead, gently brush off any pet hair/debris and/or vacuum them regularly.





This very soft and durable fabric has an anti-pill finish, which prevents the fabric from bobbling. It can be easily maintained by either using a lint roller (pet hair remover) or simply hoovering over to remove any unwanted debris.


Velboa is a luxury super soft and snugly low pile fabric. For easy maintenance every now and then hoover over or use a lint roller (pet hair remover) to remove any pet hair or unwanted debris.


For our sherpa cushion bed application instructions. Please visit our How Our Products Are Made tab. At the bottom of the page you will find a short video explaining the correct steps.

-You can find the cushion’s care label attached to the interior of the cushion.

-Prior to washing gently remove excess fur using a soft brush or a lint roller (pet hair  remover).

-Cushions can be machine washed separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.

-Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.

-Re-shape/plump the cushion whilst damp.

-Gentle tumble dry separately (no heat), line dry, or flat dry naturally.

**In order to prolong the longevity of the cat cushion DO NOT over wash or wash excessively. Instead, gently brush off any pet hair/debris and/or hoover over it regularly.**


Our 8mm natural, low odour, non oiled, light in colour sisal rope posts do not require any maintenance. They are tightly wound for your cat/s full enjoyment, GUARANTEED not to unravel. If in future the product requires any additional spare parts from natural wear and tear, please visit our Spare Parts tab.


Our luxury stained and matte lacquered birch wood platform can be wiped off using a damp cloth.

Cosy Posts – excellence comes when we put quality over quantity.



Assembly Instructions

Lavish Chill Product Assembly Installation Manual 1

Lavish Chill Product Assembly Installation Manual

Lavish Chill Product Assembly Installation Manual 2



Hygge Tower shipping rates by post size ordered.

Area 50cm 60cm 70cm 80cm 90cm
Mainland UK
Northern Ireland
*This Excludes BFPO addresses and the following postcode areas & ranges FK19-21, HS, IV1-56, KA27-28, KW, PA20-78, PH9, PH15-44, DD8-11

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are always a burden. Goods have to be shipped one way or another. Here, at Cosy Posts we believe that honesty and transparency goes a long way. Hence, we want you to know exactly how much you are paying for the product and the extra inevitable charge for shipping and handling. We do not believe in inflating the product prices and pretending that we offer free shipping like some other competitors do. We take shipping seriously, therefore, for peace of mind we partnered up with several world well known curriers (UPS, FedEx, DPD, Parcel Force) , who provide professionalism and reliability who are also recognized by Forbes magazine as the most valuable brands in transportation. What is more, each and every parcel is fully tracked from our workshop all the way to your address allowing for a faultless delivery service. Your feline products are in good hands! As a helpful gesture, we also decided to help reduce the shipping cost by paying for the packaging materials. We want to offer you a seamless user friendly experience from choosing/building your own desired product all the way to assembly and cat enjoyment! Please note that sometimes we may use different trusted UK based couriers, other then the above, to deliver your parcel safely.

How it works

      • After browsing our products and choosing the desired drop-down box options, you proceed by adding the product to the cart.
      • Once product is added to the cart Click on ‘VIEW CART’
      • Finally, get shipping flat rates based on your location by clicking on ‘CALCULATE SHIPPING’ and entering the countries name and postcode.
      • Then click on ‘UPDATE TOTALS’ to get flat shipping rates  displayed from our workshop to your destination address. It is quick, fair and that easy!
      • For certain destinations in the world the shipping fluctuates from time to time, therefore, upon entering your postal credentials and if you do not get a flat rate price please contact us for a shipping quote.
      • If, for whatever reason, you do not want to use our delivery partners, feel free to contact us with the delivery company of your choice to arrange the shipping steps. We try to be flexible to our customer needs!

    Shipping Times

            • Once the order is placed and the payment confirmed we then start building your one off luxury cat product. The volume of orders we may have at any given time will determine when we may start on your project. Typically, we aim to complete all cat trees within 2-5 working days. Delivery times for small UK mainland orders are 1-2 working days and larger items 3-4 working days. For orders outside of UK mainland the delivery times may slightly vary depending on the destination. Please contact us if you would like to get more accurate delivery dates based on your product selection. Lastly, keep in mind that in many cases we may build and ship your item sooner than the above stated timelines.


Do you have something else in mind? Want to make this scratching post to your exact measurements? Perhaps you have your own type of fabric in mind? Or simply, if you want to make things a bit more interesting, build your own Chunky Hygge Tower Cat Scratching Post by using a 3-colour mix and match method from our fabric range. First, choose the colour to represent the octagon bed cushion colour. Second, select the fabric and colour for the octagon bed upholstery (covering). Lastly, choose the fabric type and colour of the square base upholstery (covering). For any other queries please contact us using the contact page or use our live chat at the bottom right hand of this page.

Important notice about fabric, wood stain and sisal rope colour: 
We take all reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and the correspondence of the pictures presented on our website to the actual goods sent to you. However, the minimal colour change may occur depending on several factors. Different screen settings, fabric shade variations between batches, and the light conditions when the photographs have been taken. Therefore, please use the pictures provided for colour reference purposes only.

Cosy Posts!!


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