Octagon Bed Cushion Colour

This is where the felines call it heaven. As we all know cats can sleep 3⁄4 of the day in day out. This is why they need our cosy, warm, Velcro attached, washable cushion. They are handmade using Sherpa fabric. We can proudly say that the fabric is sourced and manufactured here in the UK. Sherpa is not just any fabric. It has a thick pile and a fluffy feel reminiscent of wool. It is like sleeping on cloud nine. Allow your cat to experience this luxury sleeping nature by choosing one of our 4 colours. What is more, before checkout you can add a 2nd 3rd ….. cushion of the same or different colour and save 15% of the regular price tag. We advise our valued fellow customers to take the brill opportunity so that your feline friend does not have to wait out the washing and drying times, but rather swap on a second cushion and let them continue to peacefully dream on!!